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How Startups are Shaping the Future Space Economy

By Jeffrey Hill | October 30, 2023

      Over the course of this debut season of Future Space Economy, we’ve learned how dependent both private and public sector space investors are on startups to bring enabling technologies to life. Today’s space startups are pitching their products as the glue that will hold the future space economy together.

      In this episode, the leaders and founders of space startups across multiple applications join us to discuss what they feel are the strongest opportunities for their businesses to succeed in an expanding space ecosystem. We also ask them if investors are buying into the space economy for the long haul, and whether or not startups could play a leading role in shaping space policy.

      This episode features Dr. Luisa Buinhas, chief program officer of Vyoma; Maher Ezzeddine, CEO of ideanco and chairman of the Harvard Aerospace and Defense Alumni Organization; and Tim Kienberger, CEO of LeoStella.

      Listen Here: