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mu Space Extends Ground Station Collaboration with RBC Signals

By Mark Holmes | April 22, 2024
Satellite ground station. Photo: RBC Signals

Satellite ground station. Photo: RBC Signals

mu Space is teaming up with RBC Signals International (RBC Signals) as it looks enhance ground station facilities in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. The two companies believe this will mark a step forward in the development of these facilities in the region. The two companies announced the collaboration, April 22.

mu Space is a multifaceted Thai satellite company. It manufactures satellite platforms focused on small satellites, which it develops and manufactures. It also provides end-to-end services, including a full suite of satellite building solutions and access to satellite Internet services.

RBC Signals looks to provide global satellite data communication solutions, offering secure space communication solutions in every major frequency band utilizing a worldwide network. The two companies have also previously worked together, with mu Space serving as a facility provider and maintenance support of the satellite antenna hosting and colocation for three years in the eastern region of Thailand.

“This partnership marks a significant milestone in our mission to advance satellite technology in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Together, we look to explore new frontiers in satellite ground station facilities, bringing innovative solutions to the region,” mu Space CEO and CTO James Yenbamroong said in a statement.