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Building the Cloud-Optimised Satellite Ecosystem with O3b mPOWER

What it Takes to Deliver Cloud Applications Anywhere

September 5, 2019 

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As cloud services become more critical, enterprises and government agencies are creating agile, scalable networks to enable the whole organisation to benefit from the cloud. Doing so, however, requires cloud-optimised network services deployed to every site, including to those in under-served and remote areas, where the current generation of satellite services falls short of delivering cloud-grade performance.

What, exactly, are those requirements? How does the space industry help bridge the gap and accelerate cloud adoption for the whole enterprise, or for the entire public sector operation?

During this presentation you will learn:

  • The technology and business challenges of connecting under-served markets to the cloud
  • Insights into cloud-scale satellite network requirements for telcos, maritime, energy, and government customers
  • Key innovations and performance requirements of cloud-scale satellite networks, and end-to-end managed services
  • The role of O3b mPOWER in delivering cloud-optimised services anywhere

Capture of Save CapEx & Shift to OpEx with SatCloud Managed Services

Cloud-based teleport services with Bandwidth on Demand and Dynamic SCPC Orchestration, all under a complete OpEx umbrella

July 10, 2019 

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SatCloud is SpaceBridge’s latest business & technological breakthrough innovation – a Cloud-Based, Satellite Networks Managed-Services solution for Satellite Network Operators, Backhaulers, and Broadcasters.

  • Using cloud-based teleport and centralized management services – with a BoD (Bandwidth on Demand), Dynamic SCPC Orchestration
  • Providing it all under a complete OpEx umbrella, buying by the Mbps, true pay-as-you-grow, with instant and carefree operation out of the box
  • You provision the site and we take it from there – providing the best possible service and support – using technologies we’ve developed for you

Discussion Topics: 

  • Full details on SatCloud Managed Services
  • SatCloud benefiting markets and segments
  • How to simplify the Service Provider operation milestones
  • Specifics on SatCloud in action
  • How to save capital expenditure & shift to operating expenses – true pay-as-you-grow


Hotspots: Learn How to Connect More Users for Less

Three Keys to Success with Satellite Enabled Community Wi-Fi Hotspots

April 24, 2019

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During this presentation you will learn:

  1. How to successfully extend lower-cost broadband access to unserved communities quickly
  2. How to cater to low ARPU customers with options for affordable end-user access that still yield a realistic ARPU to the provider
  3. How to lower operational costs for backhaul
  4. How to choose the best target market
  5. End-to-end network architecture and service model
  6. Real life examples


Learn how to get Affordable, High Data Rate, Uninterrupted Satellite Connectivity on Government Aircraft

March 28, 2019

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During this presentation you will learn:

  1. How to achieve the highest data rates possible on a government aircraft for en-route and ISR applications.
  2. How to achieve these data rates at very affordable rates.
  3. How the managed network will perform.
  4. How to save complexity, time and money when using FlexAir.
  5. Details about the antenna profiles that will perform best on the network.


What is 5G Exactly? What Everyone Needs to Know About Next Generation Wireless Networks

September 27, 2018

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During this webinar, we seek to answer — what exactly is 5G? We’ll start at the beginning and break down the 5G wireless basics. During this presentation you will learn:

  1. The need-to-know terms, acronyms, standards, and definitions specific to 5G.
  2. How 5G is different from 3G, 4G and 4G LTE
  3. The transformation from LTE to 5G
  4. Key trends for 5G
  5. A clear outline of 5G standards and critical policy issues
  6. The important ingredients for 5G success
  7. An overview of where the global telecommunications industry currently stands in regard to 5G implementation
  8. A realistic future timeline for 5G market rollout and adoption

How Does a Webinar Work?

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What Equipment Do I Need?

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  • Apple iOS http streaming enabled browser
  • Android http streaming enabled browser


Internet Browser

  • Internet Explorer 8.0+
  • Firefox 35+
  • Safari 6+
  • Google Chrome 42+

  • AUDIO: Sound Card with speakers
  • VIDEO: Screen with 1024×768+ resolution support
Internet Connection

  • Dedicated high speed connection of 900kbps+



  • 1.6GHz


  • 2GB



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