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Aerospacelab Acquires Space and Astronomy Tech Firm AMOS 

By Rachel Jewett | April 15, 2024

AMOS manufacturers optical instruments. Photo: AMOS

Belgium-based satellite manufacturer Aerospacelab acquired AMOS, a company known for opto-mechanical systems used in astronomy and space. Aerospacelab announced the completed acquisition on Monday. Terms of the deal were not announced. 

AMOS, also based in Belgium, builds telescopes, space optical instruments, test equipment for space sensors, thermal-vacuum chambers, and complex optomechanical and high-precision mechanical ground support equipment. For example, the company is building 6 hyperspectral spectrometers for Europe’s Copernicus 10/CHIME mission. 

Aerospacelab CEO Benoit Deper said the acquisition will combine the companies’ expertise, resources, and talent to advance satellite manufacturing and deployment. “By leveraging the talent and resources of the AMOS team alongside Aerospacelab’s extensive products portfolio including turnkey satellites, satellite platforms, avionics and subsystems, the ultimate objective is to establish a path towards efficient and affordable access to space,” Deper said. 

Aerospacelab recently commissioned the four satellites launched on the recent Transporter-10 mission, including three radio frequency sensing satellites and one VHR satellite. The company also recently won a deal to design, manufacture, and launch an upcoming navigation satellite for Xona Space Systems.