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Spire Taps Neuraspace for Space Traffic Management Platform

By Mark Holmes | April 9, 2024

Rendering of Spire satellites. Photo: Spire

Spire will deploy Neuraspace’s space traffic management (STM) platform to its constellation of 100+ multipurpose satellites. This combined setup will allow Spire to track and monitor potential conjunctions across its constellation and at the same time focus on its more critical assets. All satellites will be monitored using Neuraspace’s software. Spire announced the deal, April 8.

The Neuraspace platform aims to facilitate agile, real-time decision-making which further reduces collision risks. The automatic update of the orbit positions by the Neuraspace platform enables a faster screening of maneuvers for potential collision avoidance. It also saves human conjunction screening time and effort. Using this platform, Spire will receive automated conjunctions alerts and in-depth analysis. In addition, the Neuraspace STM platform will provide Spire with collision avoidance maneuver suggestions, advanced conjunction analysis, maneuver management, and automated screening for its growing number of space assets equipped with onboard propulsion.

“The threat stemming from increased orbital traffic and space debris is a growing concern and potentially a costly issue for satellite and constellation operators like Spire. With our automated STM solution using data from various sources, we can provide them with the most comprehensive overview and analysis. And as a result, we can reduce the threat to their assets and enable our customers to focus on their main business,” Chiara Manfletti, CEO of Neuraspace, said in a statement.