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Explore the impact of ideas moving in the other direction; bringing Earth’s innovation and creativity into space. 

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The Future Space Economy is a monthly interactive webcast series with the goal of educating various industries on the benefits space can provide them. This forum serves as a dialog between global industries, commercial space industry leaders, governments, and educators about building the infrastructure we need to bring people, businesses, heavy industry, and our larger global economy into space.

Space is the final frontier, and it's about to become much more accessible.

Investment in the space economy is at a record high as government agencies welcome and partner with private sector businesses to develop the commercial potential of space. As the space economy readies itself for take off, what's driving this surge in growth?

Join us each month to explore the possibilities presented by space, how businesses are already making money in space, what kind of infrastructure is needed for them to thrive, and how you can get involved.



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The global space industry is poised to make a leap forward in the next few decades, offering innovative products and services that improve life on Earth as well as in space.

According to the Space Foundation, the global space economy rose by 9% in 2021 – to $469B – and is expected to top $634 billion by 2026. Revenues generated from human spaceflight were seven times the revenue in 2020 and commercial R&D has risen annually by 22% since 2010. Space funding is shifting, with lunar and beyond initiatives becoming the new frontier. By 2040, the space economy market could reach $1 trillion, according to Morgan Stanley.

A new age of space exploration, technology innovation, development and investment is here. Get in on the ground floor and join a community to drive space business forward. “The Future Space Economy” webcast series will explore the impact of ideas moving in the other direction – bringing Earth’s innovation and creativity into space. 

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The Future Space Economy webcast series provides sponsoring organizations with the opportunity to get in on the ground floor and be seen as a true thought leader among those doing business in space and those interested in learning why they should consider investing in space. Sponsors will be part of an elite group involved in building a community which is greatly needed, however doesn’t exist yet.

As a sponsor, your organization will have a seat on our Advisory Board with other key industry influencers and help shape the direction, content and speakers of the webcasts.

The Future Space Economy Webcast Sponsor.

  • This is an all-inclusive sponsorship for the entire webcast series spanning 12 months Includes: Company branding on the website and in all webcast episodes.
  • Dedicated video spot during one webcast to play your company’s video.
  • Opportunity to craft the “Big Question” that starts the webcast episode.
  • One seat on an advisory board to help drive the direction of content and speakers.
  • Opportunity to provide a speaker for one webcast episode.
  • Inclusion in extensive marketing campaigns: email, social, and industry publications.

Contact Joe Milroy, Publisher of the Satellite Group, at [email protected] or +1-215-439-1708 to discuss flexible pricing options.

Find out how you can get involved from the ground up.

The Future Space Economy Advisory Board

Ian Christensen

Director of Private Sector Programs, Secure World Foundation

Carol Craig

Founder & CEO, Sidus Space

Deborah Donnelly

Airline Pilot, Researcher, Aeronautical Professor, Harvard University

Lucy Edge

COO, Satellite Applications, Catapult

Maher Ezzeddine

CEO, Ideanco

Dr. Gregory Falco

Assistant Professor, Space Technology & Security, The Johns Hopkins University

Matthew Harris

Space Focus Area Lead, Avantus Federal

Emma Louden

PhD Student, Astrophysics, Yale University

Mina Mitry

Co-Founder & CEO, Kepler

John Moberly

Senior VP, Space, SpiderOak

Sita Sonty

Partner & Associate Director, Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Vince Walisko

COO, Optimal Satcom


Learn how you can get involved with The Future Space Economy webcast series.

Contact Joe Milroy, Publisher of the Satellite Group, at [email protected] or +1-215-439-1708.

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