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Reticulate Micro Debuts Valor Line of ESA Terminals 

By Rachel Jewett | April 25, 2024

      The Valor ESA terminal. Photo: Reticulate Micro

      Reticulate Micro has a new line of multi-orbit flat panel antennas called Valor, the company announced Thursday. Valor is a flexible line of electronically steerable antennas (ESAs) built for users across land mobile, airborne, maritime and mobile/manpack applications. 

      Valor is available in Ku-band for Geostationary Orbit (GEO) and Low-Earth Orbit (LEO). Ka-band and dual Ku- and Ka-band options will be available in late 2024/early 2025. A Milstandard version will be available in early 2025. 

      Valor terminals will be integrated with the company’s VisionOS platform, which ensures its products are operational. It will also include the Vesper terminal management platform, which allows user manage a fleet of multi-orbit terminals from one dashboard. It also includes the company’s Vast video encoder.

      “A higher performing, low-power-consumption terminal is highly desirable with today’s warfighters, and we have that solution in the Valor product line,” said David Horton, chief operating officer for Reticulate Micro and president of Reticulate Space. “Our product family is designed to be conformal and ultra-low profile to support aero, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), maritime and ground-based vehicle applications.”