End User Perspectives from
Air, Land, and Sea

Via Satellite interviews satellite customers about how connectivity improves their business cases.

Satellites are incredible pieces of technology. Built to withstand the harsh conditions in space, launched in an exciting blast — there’s a lot of focus on the “cool” space aspect of the industry. But more important are the key services that satellites provide, whether they are transmitting or collecting data.

In this content collection of end user perspectives, Via Satellite highlights some of the top customers of satellite connectivity including airlines, telcos, mining companies, and more. These end users share how they are using satellite services, and the ways the satellite industry could improve to serve these customers better.

In-flight connectivity, providing Wi-Fi to airlines is a major focus in the satellite industry right now, and most major operators have a strategy to go after this market. Delta Air Lines executive Ekrem Dimbiloglu, managing director of In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity, spoke with Via Satellite about the airline’s decision to offer free Wi-Fi to its passengers, and how it's a key part of the company’s strategy for customer satisfaction. We’ve also interviewed UAE airline Emirates, and Dutch airline KLM about their IFC strategies.

John Deere made a major splash in the satellite industry in 2022, announcing its intent to secure a satellite solution to equip thousands of tractors with always-on connectivity. The agricultural giant recently announced it is working with Starlink for a solution. Via Satellite spoke with John Deere executives when the project was announced about the unique needs of the agriculture sector, and how satellite connectivity will enable a future of autonomous farming.

Satellite impacts so many industries. You’ll also find stories here about how remote mining operations stay connected with satellite, why Volkswagen is paying attention to satellite capabilities for the future connected car, and why AT&T is partnering with OneWeb to connect business customers in remote and hard-to-reach places.