Spotlight on Women’s

Leadership in the

Satellite Industry

Interviews with the women who are blazing a

new trail and driving the satellite industry forward. 

The space industry is known for having too few women CEOs, but the tide is changing and many amazing women are leading the way to a more diverse industry. This collection features some of Via Satellite editors’ favorite interviews with those women.

One of the cornerstones of our strategy to amplify the voices of women is “Celebrating Women in Satellite,” an annual feature that highlights the personal stories of women in the industry, written by their colleagues, mentors, mentees and friends. Over the past three years, this feature has taken off and has now featured more than 75 women in the industry — from CEOs to engineers, legal and policy experts, strategy and marketing, and more — in recognition of the diverse skill sets it takes to achieve success.

This collection features in-depth interviews with past winners of the Satellite Executive of the Year Award, which a woman has won three years in a row: most recently with Melanie Stricklan of Slingshot Aerospace, who won in 2022; Tina Ghataore of Mynaric in 2021; and SpaceX’s Gwynne Shotwell. Shotwell won the award for the second time in 2020 — the year that SpaceX returned human spaceflight capability to the United States and built Starlink into the world's largest satellite fleet.

This collection features other unique perspectives, like an interview with Eva Berneke soon after she took the helm of Eutelsat as the first woman CEO of a major satellite operator; Space Force Col. Jennifer Krolikowski, director of the Chief Information Office for Space Systems Command on how the U.S. Space Force manages cyber threats; and Sirisha Bandla recounting her trip to the edge of space on a Virgin Galactic flight.

Via Satellite also aims to highlight the perspectives of young women CEOs blazing a new trail in the industry. We see this in Kate Kallot with her bold vision for African startup Amini, Lucy Hoag’s mission to disrupt software with Violet Labs, and Airmo CEO Daria Stepanova’s plans to fight climate change with space data. We hope you will find many inspiring stories in this collection.