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TESAT Finishes Construction of US Facility

By Mark Holmes | April 9, 2024

Photo by Tesat

TESAT, a German satellite company, has completed the construction of a brand new facility in the United States. A year after it set-up a US company, TESAT Government, to support military and commercial programs, the company now has a base in which to attack these lucrative markets in the US. TESAT Government announced the completion of the facility, April 9.

The facility will serve as an American final assembly, integration and testing hub for TESAT Government’s Optical Communication Terminals (OCTs) that service a range of government customers. Its completion marks an important milestone of the satellite equipment manufacturers progress towards a domestic supplier of OCT equipment.

“With our smart product approach, we can serve finally all orbits with one product family and can guarantee safety and security of US government needs by delivering the basic kits for final assembly, development and testing in the US. At the same time, we serve the satellite constellations of tomorrow,” Thomas Reinartz, CEO of TESAT, said in a statement.