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US, UK, and Argentine Government End Users Outline What They Need from Commercial Partners

By Jeffrey Hill | May 23, 2022

      On this special episode of On Orbit, government satellite technology program directors from the United States, United Kingdom, and Argentina join us to explain how they are working directly with commercial providers to get connectivity directly in the hands of enterprise, civil service, and military end users.

      During this conversation, we interview Dr. Daniel Massey, Operation 5G to NextG lead for the U.S. Department of Defense, Arfan Chaudhry, head of International Strategy for the U.K. government’s BEIS Space Directorate, and Pablo Recalt, head of the Steering Committee for Argentina’s Chamber of Internet, CABASE. Daniel, Arfan, and Pablo describe the needs of their end users in detail and share how they are leveraging unique partnerships with the space and satellite industries to meet their objectives. It was a fascinating discussion that we’re very excited to share with you today.

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