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Marlink Adds Starlink Service to Maritime, Enterprise Offering 

By Rachel Jewett | September 22, 2022

Image courtesy of Marlink

Marlink is the latest service provider to add SpaceX’s Starlink to its service portfolio. Marlink and subsidiary OmniAccess signed on as global authorized Starlink integrators for maritime and enterprise customers, the company announced Thursday. 

Marlink will integrate Starlink’s low latency Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) connectivity with its existing VSAT, LTE (4G/5G) and terrestrial connectivity solutions for a “seamless user experience,” the company said. It will be integrated into Marlink’s Smart Network Solutions product. 

“This ability to utilize Starlink is a giant step in our strategy to provide our customers with the best-in-class user experience, combining our industry-leading GEO satellite connectivity solutions with the next generation LEO high-speed, low-latency services, said Erik Ceuppens, CEO of Marlink Group. “We are looking forward to working with SpaceX to integrate Starlink as part of our smart network solutions, creating a superior global connectivity service for our extensive maritime and enterprise customer base across the world.”

Marlink and OmniAccess said they will orchestrate the connectivity paths for customer networks to support business-critical applications, passenger communications, and crew welfare. The Marlink Group manages more than 5,500 VSAT vessels under contract

Marlink has demonstrated interest in Non-Geostationary Orbit (NGSO) connectivity, signing a multi-year, multi-million-euro deal with SES for capacity on O3b mPOWER, and an agreement with OneWeb as well

SpaceX is now targeting partners for its Starlink service, and the company has announced service provider deals with Speedcast and Anuvu. Jonathan Hofeller, SpaceX vice president of Starlink Sales, said last week during a World Satellite Business Week panel that he is working to drive more agreements with outside partners.