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STN Starts Using Ka-band Antenna System from CPI ASC Signal Division

By Caleb Henry | May 26, 2016

      STN satellite antennas. Photo: STN

      [Via Satellite 05-26-2016] The ASC Signal Division of Communications & Power Industries (CPI) and Satellite Telecommunications Network (STN) have completed the installation of the first uplink- and downlink-capable Ka-band antenna system at STN’s teleport. The 5.6 meter dish is equipped with CPI ASC Signal Division’s sub-reflector tracking technology, designed to enable more precise tracking precision than conventional azimuth/elevation mount motorization systems. The system has been operational at the STN teleport in Dob, Slovenia since the close of 2015.

      The antenna allows STN to serve a major customer in Asia this year by providing satellite coverage and broadband services into Sub-Saharan Africa, where media consumption and e-commerce activities continue to grow at exceptional rates. The system features a computer-optimized dual reflector Gregorian optics system and employed close-tolerance manufacturing techniques. The antenna is also compatible with Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) and Ku-band operation by changing the feed and cross-axis kits.

      STN is one of the fastest growing teleport operators in the world, and has invested continuously in the upgrade of its Slovenian teleport. The site has more than 85 antennas, of which more than 14 percent are from CPI ASC Signal.