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HySpecIQ Picks BridgeComm’s Optical Downlink Terminals for LEO Constellation 

By | October 5, 2021

BridgeComm’s optical downlink terminal. Photo: BridgeComm

HySpecIQ has selected BridgeComm‘s high-speed optical downlink for its Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) constellation, the companies announced Monday. 

Bridgecomm said these laser communication downlink terminals and network of optical ground stations will provide high data transmission capabilities for the HySpecIQ mission. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. 

HySpecIQ plans for a 12-satellite constellation to deliver hyperspectral imagery and analytics. The company closed a Series B funding round led by Peter Thiel last month. 

This strategic agreement is the extension of a long-standing relationship between the companies. HySpecIQ selected BridgeComm as its Optical Wireless Communications (OWC) provider in 2020. 

“We are eager to extend our satellite constellation program and hyperspectral imagery capabilities with BridgeComm’s integration,” said Bill Sullivan, executive chairman and founder of HySpecIQ. “By leveraging BridgeComm’s extensive work in free-space optical technology, we will provide secure data transmissions with high bandwidth that will aid governmental and commercial decision makers to take decisive action.”

Bridgecomm recently announced its optical inter-satellite link terminal offering called AstroBridge, but Monday’s announcement is for optical downlink terminals.