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BridgeComm Debuts AstroBridge Inter-Satellite Link Terminals

By | September 23, 2021

Photo: BridgeComm

BridgeComm has announced its optical inter-satellite link terminal offering, called AstroBridge. These terminals are designed for high data rates for data transmission and resilient performance in navigation. 

AstroBridge is designed for Low-Earth Orbits (LEO), with non-gimballed steering for control of optical communication tracking terminals. The unit uses Managed Optical Communication Array (MOCA) technology via Radio Frequency (RF) and optical lasers — technologies which were validated by an unnamed third party last year

BridgeComm CEO Barry Matsumori said this offering is a significant step in the maturation of inter-satellite links: “Along with increased speed and security, our AstroBridge OISL offers multi-gigabit per second data rate capabilities while being smaller and lighter than its standard inter-satellite link counterparts. These features will greatly improve functionality in space and on the ground,” he said. 

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