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Remote Education Case Studies: The Satellite Connectivity Play

By | November 24, 2014

In many corners of the world, students are getting a better quality of education due to the influence of satellite technology. We explore satellite’s important role connecting students to the materials that enable them to better prepare for the future. W hile it may seem like we live in a more complex world, in the [...]

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Ahead of the Curve: Top CTOs Discuss Where to Invest Next

With satellite operators competing all over the world, getting the next set of technology investments right is key for any company. We look at how some of the industry’s top CTOs see the landscape and where are they placing their technology bets. From High Throughput Satellites (HTS) and all-electric propulsion satellites, to which launch service [...]

By | November 24, 2014


MultiChoice Plots NextGen TV Strategy

With 8 million subscribers in Africa, MultiChoice is looking to build its presence across other markets in the continent. We look at the opportunities and obstacles the company faces. MultiChoice has 5 million subscribers in South Africa, and 3 million in markets across the sub-Saharan Africa region, and it is looking to build its presence [...]

By | November 24, 2014

Figure 1 - SCPC vs TDMA Bandwidth Utilization Profile

TDMA vs SCPC for Satellite Backhaul – The Decision is Simple

Wireless Access Market Drivers /Trends Wireless access has completely changed the way we live, work, and play. Everywhere you look, people are using their mobile devices to talk, text, watch videos, and adopt new applications that seem to appear on a daily basis. As the number of people and machines to be wirelessly connected — [...]

By | November 24, 2014

Sonya Shaykhoun

The Role of Satellites in Saving the World from Global Warming

A hundred of the world’s leaders, including government, financial, business and civil society, convened at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City on Sept. 23 to tackle the problems posed by climate change. Heralding the five-day Climate Summit, more than 300,000 people from all walks of life marched in the streets of Manhattan to [...]

By | November 24, 2014

The Museum of Islamic Art is amazing just to visit from the outside; the architecture is a work of art by itself. But step in to admire masterpieces of Islamic art dating from the 7th to the 19th century. Photo: MIA

ITU Goes to Doha


By | November 24, 2014

Mark Holmes Photo

Virgin Galactic Test Flight Failure Sets Industry Back

I will start this month by passing our condolences to the family of Michael Alsbury, who tragically lost his life in the Virgin Galactic test flight incident that made front pages all over the world. We also wish his fellow pilot Peter Siebold a strong recovery. The failure of this test flight is a major [...]

By | November 24, 2014

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