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How TrustPoint Aims at the Commercial Future of GPS, with CEO Patrick Shannon

By Rachel Jewett | April 22, 2024

      In this week’s On Orbit episode, we’re joined by Patrick Shannon, CEO of TrustPoint. Shannon won the 2024 Startup Space pitch contest at SATELLITE in March, competing against nine other startups.  

      TrustPoint is building a commercial GPS system, and working toward its own constellation of around 300 spacecraft in Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) to offer GPS services that have more affordable precision, better security, and greater availability. Shannon breaks down some of the the limitations of traditional GPS and why we are now seeing more commercial businesses like TrustPoint looking to provide new solutions to GPS issues. 

      He takes us inside the Startup Space experience, talks about the impact it has made on the company so far, and previews what’s next for TrustPoint. The company is shifting out of an internal R&D phase and into more demonstrations and testing with customers and partners. 

      This episode of On Orbit is sponsored by AvL Technologies, an industry leading manufacturer of multi-band and multi-orbit satellite communications ground terminals for military, government, and commercial applications. 

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