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Kepler, Magellan to Fly Smart Radiator Device

By | April 17, 2019
Kipp, Kepler’s first Ku-band LEO satellite

An artistic view of Kipp, Kepler’s first Ku-band LEO satellite. Photo Credit: Kepler

Kepler Communications, a Canadian satellite telecommunications provider, and Magellan Aerospace have signed a letter of intention to fly an Smart Radiator Device (SRD) on Kepler’s third satellite, scheduled for launch later this year. The SRD, designed to improve temperature management on-board future satellites, is being developed by MPB Communications (MPB) in partnership with Magellan Aerospace.

This SRD technology is being developed as part of a technology development program with the goal to improve its technology readiness level by eventually operating in the space environment. Kepler intends to be the first to use this technology as part of their satellite’s thermal control hardware suite before the end of 2019.

“We are looking forward to seeing this new technology in action and how it will benefit next-gen satellite platforms moving forward,” says Jared Bottoms, Kepler’s Lead Systems Engineer.“Magellan is looking forward to continuing the development of the SRD with MPB, and is excited about the upcoming flight opportunity with Kepler” says Corey Mack, Space Business Unit Leader at Magellan.