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SpaceX Lifts Off its Commercial Satellite Launch Business

By | December 17, 2013

      Well, that was dramatic, wasn’t it? But really, did we expect it any other way? I think I would have been more surprised if the launch had gone without a hitch first time out. The launch of the SES 8 satellite by SpaceX potentially signals a new dawn in the satellite industry. On behalf of Via Satellite, I must offer our congratulations to the SpaceX team for their first commercial satellite launch; it is quite an achievement.

      As everybody in our industry knows, launching satellites is no easy feat and building a new business from scratch in this market is quite an accomplishment. The challenge now for SpaceX will be to maintain that momentum over the course of 2014, and start building a heritage as a reliable launch service provider.

      I am sure this was a week that will be long remembered in the satellite industry, with the dramatic events on Thanksgiving (Spacegiving) a particular highlight. It is now officially a new era for SpaceX and it will be fascinating to watch their progress, even if they will be hard pressed to match the drama of the first launch!

      On the subject of success, this edition focuses on the winners of the first-ever Via Satellite Excellence Awards, our new comprehensive awards program for the satellite industry. We are delighted to recognize people as well as companies that are making a difference in our industry. While the Satellite Executive of the Year Award is a great individual prize, it was time for Via Satellite to recognize the work of others, and we hope the Excellence Awards will become a staple in the satellite calendar over the next few years.

      Speaking of Satellite Executive of the Year, it is that time of the year again where we starting looking over nominations and assessing the merits of the various candidates. I am expecting a close race.

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