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Merrimac Industries Gets Estimated $4.4M Boeing GPS Contract

By | September 3, 2003

      Merrimac Industries [AMEX: MRM] has signed a deal with Boeing [NYSE: BA] that could reach a value of $4.4 million to supply its Beamforming Networks and RF/Microwave signal processing components for Boeing’s GPS IIF satellites. Under a contract awarded by the U.S. Air Force, Boeing is currently building the first three GPS IIF satellites, with a potential total of up to 12 satellites.

      Merrimac received an initial $663,000 order from Boeing for the components, which are to be installed on GPS IIF satellites 2 and 3. In addition, Merrimac also has negotiated a contract with Boeing for additional options, in support of the build and delivery of hardware for GPS IIF satellites 4 through 12.

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