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Intelsat Sees Benefits Of Link-Up With Hong Kong’s TVB

By | June 13, 2003

      Intelsat believes its relationship with Hong Kong-based Television Broadcasts Ltd (TVB) is a key one for the company on a number of levels.

      In February this year, Intelsat announced a joint venture with TVB to provide a new pay-TV service in Hong Kong. The Galaxy Satellite Broadcasting venture aims to put the heat on Hong Kong’s leading pay-TV provider, i-Cable Communications.

      Jon Romm, president of Inmarsat’s media and entertainment business unit, told SATELLITE TODAY: “It is important to realize from Intelsat’s perspective that this relationship also made TVB a very critical client for Intelsat. They contribute and distribute content all over the world. While the venture standalone was appropriate for what we were trying to do in Asia, and specifically Hong Kong, it also gave us an avenue from a high-quality programme provider to be able to contribute and distribute programming in other areas of the world as well.”

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