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Sierra Space Debuts Eclipse Satellite Bus Line

By Rachel Jewett | April 5, 2024

      Sierra Space announces a new line of Eclipse satellite buses. Photo: Sierra Space

      Sierra Space announced a new line of three satellite buses called Eclipse, designed for Low-Earth Orbit (LEO), Medium-Earth Orbit (MEO) and Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (GEO) missions. Sierra Space announced the line on April 5. The three satellite buses are Eclipse Velocity, Eclipse Horizon, and Eclipse Titan. 

      Eclipse Velocity is a highly maneuverable small satellite that is refuellable and integrated with integrated rendezvous, proximity operations and docking (RPOD) capabilities. 

      Eclipse Horizon is a versatile medium-class bus designed for a variety of missions including missile warning and defense, advanced Earth observation, and communications. It is designed for high-rate production. 

      Eclipse Titan is a large-class bus designed for high-demand tasks such as Cislunar, GEO logistics, on-orbit refueling, mission support and satellite deployment. 

      Sierra Space is also developing the Dream Chaser spaceplane and Orbital Reef commercial space station. The company’s Orbital Missions and Services team has designed and launched 23 space vehicles and supported more than 400 space and interplanetary missions with subsystems and components.

      “Our Sierra Space Eclipse product line is manufactured in a high-rate production system, with the ability to be refuellable on orbit, enabling the next generation of satellites designed for dynamic space operations,” said Erik Daehler, vice president of Sierra Space Orbital Missions and Services.

      A number of manufacturers debuted new or rebranded satellite product lines in the past year including Maxar, Rocket Lab, Terran Orbital, and MDA.