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By | April 25, 2001

      Basque Country-based regional channel EiTB is now reaching the whole of Europe via the Astra satellite system.

      The channel started test transmissions on April 23 distributing the signal of TV Euskal Telebista and radio services such as Radio Euskadi and Euskadi Irratia to 87 million households in 22 countries.

      Official broadcasts will commence at the beginning of next month and from July this year the channel will broadcast 24-hours a day. Now Euskal Telebista is broadcasting from 22:00 to 07:00 CET every day.

      Newscasts (Gaur Egun and Teleberri), in-house production (Goenkale, Hasiberriak, El Factor humano or Euskadi Directo) and sport events (Kirolez Kirol and El Derby) are the main features.

      This May the channel will broadcast up to nine hours per day until the 24-hour service kicks in during July. EiTB also has a current reach of two million American households.

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