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By Staff Writer | January 25, 1996

      Tech-Syn said it would post lower than expected earnings because of technical problems that delayed shipments, the company said. The announcement dropped the company’s stock $3.25 to $28.62. Tech-Sym makes GPS equipment and control units for U.S. military training areas. During the quarter, the company bought Berlin-based Telefunken Sendertechnik for an undisclosed figure. (Wendell Gamel, Tech-Syn, 713/785-7790.)

      Honeywell’s Space and Aviation Control unit reported $1.53 billion in sales for fiscal year 1995. The company said demand for GPS guidance and navigation equipment and its Joint Direct Attack Munition contract helped spur profits. (Lynda Nordeen, Honeywell, 612/951-0070.)

      Rockwell International Corp. posted $193 million in 1996’s first quarter–an increase from the $155 million earned in the first quarter of 1995. The company cited the introduction of the Rockwell-Collins Avsat GPS system as one reason for its growth. Raytheon selected the Avsat system for its Premier I business jet. (Bill Blanning, Rockwell International, 310/797-5819.)