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Mainstream Data Buys New IP Service Hub from iDirect

By | July 29, 2019

Photo courtesy of Mainstream Data

Mainstream Data, a satellite IP connectivity provider to underserved U.S. healthcare, banking, and enterprise customer is purchasing a third hub from ST Engineering iDirect, in order to expand its services using the iDirect IP platform. The additional satellite IP networking infrastructure aims to enable Mainstream Data to service customers with underdeveloped communications infrastructure.

Using the iDirect IP networking platform, Mainstream Data provides a backup connection over satellite whenever the primary connection suffers degradation, prioritizing latency-sensitive traffic to support critical communications.

“If a company loses access to mission-critical applications that are hosted in the cloud or VoIP connectivity, the business screeches to a halt,” said Mainstream Data CEO Scott Calder. “This is especially true for hospitals and banks, for whom being online 100 percent of the time saves lives and preserves business. As one of the largest fully-integrated satellite-based Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity providers in North America, we continue to build our network around ST Engineering iDirect because its technology allows us to deliver the highest possible quality at an affordable cost to our customers.”

“Satellite is a reliable means of connecting even the most geographically diverse sites with critical IP connectivity, as it is essentially immune to ground-based outages and network compromise,” added Darren Ludington, Regional Vice President at ST Engineering iDirect.