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Samsung and Discovery to Discuss New Applications at DC5G

By | October 29, 2018
Samsung, Discovery Keynotes Tease Out DC5G 2018 Presentations

Discovery’s Adam Zuckerman (left) and Samsung’s John Godfrey (right), DC5G keynotes.

On Monday, Nov. 12, the second annual DC5G event will host keynote speakers from Samsung and Discovery, who plan to discuss new applications for 5G.

Samsung Senior Vice President (SVP) of Policy John Godfrey will give the event’s opening keynote, while Discovery Director of Ventures and Innovation Adam Zuckerman, an Eisenhower Fellow and investor, will deliver DC5G’s afternoon keynote, focusing on how 5G connectivity will provide Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and mixed reality capabilities for businesses, consumers, and governments.

Both Godfrey and Zuckerman spoke with Via Satellite and provided a preview of their planned presentations for DC5G, and some insight on how their organizations are approaching the next wireless revolution.

Via Satellite: What message do you hope to convey during your keynotes at DC5G 2018?

John Godfrey: 5G will drive a more connected world. Samsung has been researching and developing 5G technology for more than 5 years to bring the next generation of networks to commercial reality … in this keynote, Samsung will explore the various applications 5G can support from the initial 5G home broadband service that went in to commercial service in October, to other industry transforming applications like autonomous driving and factory automation.

Adam Zuckerman: I’ll be talking about how businesses have entered the 4th industrial revolution, which will empower a fusion of digital, physical, and biological systems. I’ll explain why 5G is a catalytic advancement of this convergence and what that means for both the industry and consumers.

Via Satellite: During the past year, what were the most significant steps/events/milestones that happened for 5G as we move toward rollout?

Godfrey: The initial global industry standard was ratified – 5G New Radio (NR), enabling the ecosystem to begin building 5G networks and devices in earnest. Commercial 5G networks have been deployed to support the 1st use case of fixed wireless access, providing broadband services to homes and small businesses. New test beds were established to evaluate the technology and its potential benefits in key areas like smart factories and smart cities.

Zuckerman: I think the fact that there are several 5G stories in the news on a near daily basis shows that the hype – hopefully supported by deliverables – is justified. I think 5G entering the public consciousness is a big deal in itself.

Via Satellite: Why does 5G rollout require a much broader collaboration between industry, governments, and consumers?

Zuckerman: 5G is an ecosystem building technology that has the ability to empower people to modify how they interact with their surroundings, other individuals, and companies unlike ever before. 5G creates a complex ecosystem that is built on collaboration. That’s why its important to come to events like DC5G – to build new relationships. A significant value add from 5G is that holds the potential to empower ecosystem-level changes. You need to understand what’s possible as well as meet those responsible for driving such potential to remain relevant.

Godfrey: Events like DC5G with a diverse range of speakers offers an opportunity to participate in important discussions on the capabilities, benefits and implications of 5G on industry, government and the home. 5G requires a much broader industry collaboration due in part to the technology’s capability beyond mobile device enablement. 5G will power many more industries, applications and use cases than previous generations of cellular networks. It’s an exciting time to be part of this discussion.

Godfrey’s DC5G presentation, “What is the Killer Application for 5G?” will take place at 9:00 a.m. EST, and Zuckerman’s keynote, “The Disruptive World of 5G IoT-Powered Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Applications,” is scheduled for 1:15 p.m., both on Monday, Nov. 12 at the Capitol Hilton in Washington, D.C.