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CETel Achieves Full Certification For its German Teleport from WTA

By | July 19, 2018
CETel teleport in Ruppichteroth, Germany. Photo: CETel

CETel teleport in Ruppichteroth, Germany. Photo: CETel

The World Teleport Association (WTA) revealed that Central European Telecom Services (CETel) achieved Tier Three full certification of its teleport under WTA’s Teleport Certification Program. CETel became the eighth European teleport to achieve Tier Three certification.

Full certification under the WTA program involves a data-collection and inspection process through an independent auditor. Certification is issued at a Tier number from one through four, with four representing the highest degree of excellence. The certification remains in effect for three years.

“CETel has become the 15th teleport worldwide and the 10th teleport in Europe to be fully certified by WTA,” said CETel Executive Director Robert Bell in the release. “Our program now covers a total of 36 teleports in all major markets around the world.”