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Marlink Increases Data Speeds for Sealink VSAT

By Caleb Henry | September 1, 2016
      Shipping vessel.

      Shipping vessel. Photo: Marlink

      [Via Satellite 09-01-2016] Marlink has doubled the burst speed on its Sealink VSAT services, enabling up to 3 Mbps for users on its data allowance packages. New 40, 60 and 80 Gigabyte (GB) data allowances have been introduced in parallel to the burst speed increase, enabling users with high bandwidth requirements to extend their smart shipping and crew welfare strategies.

      Combined with the potential for faster internet access, the new Sealink allowances enable significantly more capacity for smarter operational efficiency and enhance crew data communications while providing access to social media and web browsing. Sealink allowances combine up to four voice lines with eight data allowance plans available from 1 GB up to 80 GB per month.

      The company says the new Sealink data plans provide for predictable investments in crew communication facilities, as well as strengthen business administration including email, electronic document handling and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications.