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Alaskan Leader Fisheries Deploys Inmarsat Fleet Xpress

By | July 12, 2016
      Alaskan Leader

      Photo: Alaskan LEader Fisheries

      [Via Satellite 07-12-2016] Network Innovations (NI), together with Fusion Marine Technology, have signed a contract with Alaskan Leader Fisheries to install Fleet Xpress, Inmarsat’s Global Xpress (GX)-powered broadband maritime communications service. The contract marks the first commission of Fleet Xpress in the Bering Sea.

      Alaskan Leader Fisheries is an Alaska-based commercial fishing company specializing in the harvesting, processing and marketing of Alaskan seafood. With Fleet Xpress, the company’s shore based sales teams receive up to date information on catch qualities and weights, while also sharing and recording geographical catch areas for more targeted sustainable fishing methods. Fleet Xpress is also intended to support the company’s crew welfare initiatives to provide its seafarers with a vital communication link to friends and family, and access to the internet to alleviate boredom on the long voyages at sea.

      Fusion Marine Technology led the installation, which included a Cobham 100GX 1-meter VSAT antenna, together with a FleetBroadband antenna and below deck unit. Following success with the first vessel, Alaskan Leader Fisheries will look to install Fleet Xpress across its entire fleet of vessels.