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APT Satellite Announces 2013 Annual Results

By | March 31, 2014

      [Via Satellite 03-31-2014] APT Satellite Holdings Limited has announced its audited annual results for 2013, reporting a turnover increase of 26.4 percent from last year. Shareholder profit and earnings per share both increased as well.

      The growth was in large part due to the successful launch of Apstar 7 satellite. Currently positioned at 76.5 degrees east, the satellite covers up to 75 percent of the population in the Asia-Pacific region, Middle East, Africa and Europe. APT Satellite maintained its market share in existing markets, and was also able to increase the number of new customers in the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific region.

      In November, APT Satellite signed the Apstar 9 satellite in-orbit delivery contract with China Great Wall Industry Corp. for the manufacturing, delivery and launch of the high-power geosynchronous communications satellite. Chinasat 5A was renamed Apstar 9A, and relocated to the orbital position 142 degrees east. Apstar 9A is expected to grow business revenue and profit over the next two years, and Apstar 9 will launch in the fourth quarter of 2015 as its replacement. Apstar 9 is expected to enhance APT Satellite’s capabilities in transponder, broadcasting and telecommunications services in the Asia-Pacific region.

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