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Boeing Completes Centenario, First 702HP Satellite for Mexican Government

By | January 7, 2014
      Boeing Mexico Telecomm

      The Bicentenario Satellite, part of the overall Mexsat system. Photo: Orbital Sciences

      [Via Satellite 1-07-2014] Boeing has completed the first of two 702HP (high power) geomobile satellites, Centenario, for Mexico’s new Mexsat end-to-end satellite communications system. Mexsat will provide enhanced social communications to the people of Mexico, as well as capability for military, civil and humanitarian needs.

      The Mexican Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) will store the Centenario satellite until launch. Centenario and the second Boeing satellite, Morelos 3, are scheduled to launch in 2014 and 2015, respectively.

      Boeing is the overall integrator for the Mexsat system, which comprises three satellites, two ground network and satellite control stations in Mexico, associated network operations systems, and 67 reference user terminals. Bicentenario, a fixed satellite system spacecraft built by Boeing subcontractor Orbital Sciences, launched in Dec. 2012 and is being operated by Telecomm.