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Orbit Technologies to Provide Satcom Solutions for GSBI Initiative

By | November 12, 2012

      [Satellite TODAY 11-12-12] Satcom solutions provider Orbit Technologies signed a $150 million contract Nov. 11 to provide the GBSI Initiative’s leading satellite project with Ka-band systems and other satcom solutions, the company announced Nov. 12.

      The GBSI Initiative is scheduled to launch 12 Ka-band satellites throughout 2013-2014 alone and aims to provide broadband high frequency global satellite communications mainly for military and government purposes, gas and oil exploration enterprises and private nautical uses.
      Orbit Technologies has received an approximate $1 million order to start the project and according to the contract, will provide hundreds of OrBand and OrSat systems, including around 2,500 antennas and long-term service and support agreements as well.
      "We view the achievement as a certificate of honor and proof that we have unique technology which is used in our OrBand and OrSat platforms, which were considered for this agreement,” Orbit Technologies CEO Ofer Greenberger said in a statement. “Such an achievement positions Orbit as a global leader in the naval and land Ka-band market, which are major growth engines."
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