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Thuraya Unveils SMS-Based Twitter Service

By | December 12, 2011
      [Satellite TODAY 12-12-11] MSS operator Thuraya is launching SMS-based Twitter services for its handheld consumer base on Dec. 15, the company confirmed Dec. 9.
         Thuraya said the service would enable its voice consumers to send and receive Tweets via SMS wherever they may be located within Thuraya’s coverage area. Thuraya users can sign up for Twitter or link their Thuraya phones with their Twitter accounts using a dedicated SMS code of 1888.
         Thuraya voice consumers will receive Tweets free-of-charge in the form of an incoming SMS. Outgoing Tweets will be sent and charged as a normal text message.
         “Thuraya aims to consistently offer the most innovative services that keep up with new emerging technologies. The newly launched SMS based Twitter to facilitate up-to-date communications is just an example. Through this feature, Thuraya consumers can now better enjoy the capabilities of Thuraya’s voice services and consistently feel that they are part of the modern era and social networking community which we know is a main driver of our times,” Thuraya Spokesman Tarek Shqairat said in a statement.

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