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PolarSat Wins Air Traffic VSAT Network Expansion Orders in Asia.

By | October 21, 2010

      [Satellite TODAY 10-21-10] PolarSat Inc., a full-mesh, hubless VSAT communication equipment provider, received more than $1 million in orders to expand an MF-TDMA network for an unnamed air traffic network in Asia, the company announced.
          PolarSat’s VSAT equipment will carry VHF voice, radar, air tasking orders and a variety of other traffic in full-mesh configuration.
          In a statement, PolarSat Vice President of Sales and Marketing Ron Mankarious said the customer’s operation of the VSAT network drove the expansion orders. “We are very proud of the partnership with our air traffic control customers. This has allowed our VSAT solution to meet the very demanding requirements of uptime, quality of service and overall reliability.”

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