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Marlink Introduces Comtech Technology to Sealink Solution

By | April 9, 2010

      [Satellite TODAY 04-09-10] Marlink has introduced the Comtech Vipersat bandwidth and capacity management platform to its Sealink VSAT solution, the company announced April 8.
          Marlink’s Sealink service customers will now have access to a range of features including management of bandwidth allocation between vessels, global automatic and roaming between C-band coverage spots.
          “The integration of the Vipersat technology to our Sealink solution makes Marlink the only provider of maritime satellite communications to offer both Vipersat and Vados platforms. The introduction of Vipersat to our comprehensive portfolio, gives us the widest-ranging portfolio on the market, enabling us to offer high-quality solutions which can be customized to meet any specification or budget,” Marlink CEO Tore Morten Olsen said in a statement.