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Globecomm Launches Broadband Maritime Solution

By | February 11, 2009

      [Satellite Today 02-11-09] Globecomm Systems is launching a global broadband satellite maritime solution in combination with Mach6, the company announced Feb. 9. The two companies have already received an order for the solution from a satellite solutions provider based in the Netherlands.
          The Globecomm maritime solution will deliver seamless connectivity for IP-based applications, including GSM cellular, VoIP, video teleconference, data file transfers, Internet/intranet and e-mail.
          A key feature will be the ability to dynamically allocate bandwidth supporting higher bandwidth applications or applications that are sensitive to timing. Globecomm’s VSAT solutions are combined with Mach6’s solutions that include onboard computing, content distribution, integrated security policies, voice and video applications, remote inspection, telemedicine, mapping, navigation, real-time control systems, fuel management, and ERP applications and other applications.

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