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Blue Sky Wins Government Aircraft Communications Contract from UAE

By | November 12, 2008

      [Satellite Today 11-12-08] The United Arab Emirates (UAE) government selected Blue Sky Network to provide flight tracking and voice capabilities aboard selected government operated aircraft, Blue Sky announced Nov. 12. 
          Blue Sky’s D1000A with ACH1000 satellite tracking and communications solutions aims to streamline fleet management and enhance the security of its passengers, while improving the communication capabilities of the aircraft in flight.
          With the technology, pilots of UAE government flights will be able to receive calls directly through their headset with the option of using speed dial or free dial features when making calls. The D1000A also provides the ability to connect laptops or PDAs for two-way messaging via a web-based interface.
          UAE Flights Operations is also using Blue Sky Network’s SkyRouter Web portal to receive near real time location reporting for online monitoring of fleets anywhere on Earth.

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