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Abertis Strengthens Hispasat Position

By | October 22, 2008

      [Satellite News 10-22-08] Abertis Telecom, a subsidiary of Abertis, has reached an agreement to increase its stake in Hispasat, the Spanish satellite operator, Abertis said Oct. 21.
          Abertis will purchase another 5 percent stake in Hispasat from EADS/CASA to increase its total shareholding in Hispasat to more than 32 percent. Abertis Telecom paid 35 million euros ($46.4 million) for the 5 percent stake.
          In July, Abertis acquired 28.4 percent of Hispasat for 199 million euros ($263.63million) from Ensafeca Holding Empresarial (previously Auna) and BBVA, private shareholders in Hispasat.

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