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Educational Media Foundation Upgrades to Wegener DVB-S2

By | September 9, 2008

      [Satellite Today 09-09-08] Educational Media Foundation, a not-for-profit radio company, has ordered 600 DVB-S2 tuner cards from Wegener Corp. to upgrade the organizations Wegener Unity 4600 satellite receivers, Wegener announced Sept. 9.
          The foundation has been using a terrestrial connection to monitor Wegener satellite receivers and media players and plans to eliminate that terrestrial link by launching a VSAT low-data wide area network that will be used for transmit and backhaul operations between affiliates and Educational Media Foundation’s central operation hub.
          As part of that VSAT launch, Educational Media Foundation is switching its entire satellite network to DVB-S2 modulation.
          “Combining DVB-S2 modulation, point-to-multi-point data distribution and file-based broadcasts offers excellent cost savings,” Ned Mountain, president of Wegener, said in a statement. “Our iPump 6420 and Unity 4600 will seamlessly link into Educational Media Foundation’s VSAT network to create a more consistent flow of report-back data to the central Compel network control system.”

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