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Comtech Begins High-Volume Production Of Next-Generation Modem

By | May 19, 2008

      [Satellite Today – 5-19-08] Comtech EF Data Corp. initiated high-volume production of its CDM-625 Advanced Satellite modem, the company announced May 19.
      The new platform, which combines combine the low-density parity check forward error correction with DoubleTalk Carrier-in-Carrier bandwidth compression, is suited for mobile and telecommunications operators, satellite service providers, government and military entities, and enterprise users.
      "The addition of the CDM-625 to our modem product line is complementary to the CDM-Qx/L and CDM-600/L satellite modems," Daniel Enns, senior vice president, strategic marketing and business development for Comtech EF Data, said in a statement. "The combination of advanced technologies in the CDM-625 will enable users to realize multi-dimensional optimization of their satellite links."

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