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iDirect Joins Hub Owner User Group

By | April 22, 2008

      [Satellite Today – 4-22-08] iDirect Inc. has formally established a relationship with the iDirect Hub Owners Group (iHOG), a forum for owners of iDirect’s universal satellite hubs, the company announced April 22.
          The group allows owners of iDirect’s hubs to share best practices as well as the opportunity to provide direct feedback to iDirect regarding hardware, software, services and technology.
          “Participation in a user group is an excellent way to receive technical content, education and to meet with your peers to get more out of the iDirect platform, products, technologies, and resources,” Rodger Lyman, president and CEO of LBiSat Satellite Communications and president of the Hub Owners Group, said in a statement. “Satellite network and hub operators around the world stake their businesses on iDirect’s advanced technology. iHOG will open new opportunities for these organizations to succeed, allowing them to work directly with iDirect to employ the technology’s robust capabilities.”
          iDirect plans to establish a formalized process for product feedback and involve forum members in the pre-launch beta testing of new offerings.  The members will collaborate through a dedicated online forum and convene at major satellite industry events and conferences.
          “iDirect’s success is built on our ability to understand the unique needs and concerns of all our customers,” Toni Lee Rudnicki, iDirect’s chief marketing officer, said. “iHOG demonstrates the potential for a vast, committed global community to have a hand in tomorrow’s key developments, and contribute to the greater good of all iDirect network operators who have built and grown their businesses on iDirect’s platform.”  

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