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SES Contracts With SS/L For NSS-14

By | February 27, 2008

      [Satellite Today – 2-27-08] SES New Skies has contracted Space Systems/Loral for the procurement of NSS-14, SES announced Feb. 27.
          NSS-14 will be a hybrid satellite featuring 52 x 36 MHz equivalent C-band transponders and 72 x 36 MHz equivalent Ku-band transponders. SES New Skies will deploy NSS-14 over the Atlantic Ocean region at 338 degrees East, enabling the incumbent NSS-7 satellite to move to a new orbital position.
          “338 degrees East is a neighborhood that is particularly important to our customers, so it is with great pleasure that we underline our commitment to their business with this new procurement,” said Rob Bednarek, president and CEO of SES New Skies, said in a statement. “Our ambitious expansion plans – NSS-9 this year, NSS-12 in 2009 and NSS-14 in 2010 – will add more than 200 transponders to our fleet and provide our customers around the world with new, state-of-the art satellite capacity to grow their businesses. SES New Skies looks forward to working with Space Systems/Loral on the NSS-14 mission, the second procurement by an SES company with SS/L.”

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