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Rohde & Schwartz Unveils New Signal Generators

By | January 10, 2008

      [Satellite Today – 1-10-08] Rohde & Schwartz is releasing a complete range of signal generators, the company announced Jan. 9.    
          The company has added the R&S SFE100, R&S SFE and the R&S SFU to its range of broadcast signal generators. All conventional broadcasting standards are supported: analog or digital, terrestrial, satellite, cable, mobile TV, and digital sound broadcasting.
          The SFE100 test transmitter designed for production applications combines a radio frequency signal generator, power amplifier and baseband generator in a single instrument. The &S SFE broadcast tester is a multi-standard generator for a wide variety of applications. The multi-standard SFU is a broadcast test system that offers simulation and analysis functions for complex applications in development. 

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