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I4S Command And Control System Live in Skynet 4 And 5

By Staff Writer | November 8, 2007

      [11-08-07 – Satellite Today] L-3 Communications division Telemetry-West’s I4S satellite command and control software is now operational in Astrium’s Skynet 4 and Skynet 5 Satellite Control Centers (SCC), L-3 announced Nov. 7.
          The I4S system is based on L-3 Telemetry-West’s InControl software suite integrated with Inmarsat‘s in-house-developed software. InControl is specifically designed to support satellite fleets of heterogeneous spacecraft with features such as routine satellite fleet and ground station control, use of flexible open system standards, such as CORBA, Java and UNIX, and single or multiple operator control of multiple entities. Archiving, archive retrieval and data analysis are also integrated within the functionality. Having supported the launch and early orbit phase (LEOP) for Skynet 5A, I4S will continue to support the on-station operations for both Skynet 4 and Skynet 5.