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Norsat Introduces X-Band Terminal

By | November 7, 2007

      [11-07-07 – Satellite Today] Norsat International Inc. has introduced a new X-band terminal, the company announced Nov. 6.
          The GlobeTrekker X-Band terminal is available as a highly integrated system, which includes a 1-meter carbon fiber antenna, motorized feed assembly, Low-Noise Blocker, 35W X-band integrated block upconverter and solid state power amplifier, motorized azimuth/elevation superstructure, built-in inclinometer, compass, GPS; a baseband unit with a modem, spectrum analyzer, DVB-S receiver, Ethernet switch, DC-DC converter, shock protected chassis – a system controller including a wired display with software and a graphical user interface. The GlobeTrekker X-band terminal comes packaged in two ruggedized transit cases, the company said in a press release.
       “A recent trend in satellite communications is the emergence of new frequencies,” said Dr. Amiee Chan, president and CEO, Norsat International. “With the launch of the next generation of military satellites, users are increasingly looking to operate on X-Band frequency, especially in Europe where Ku-band capacity is in short supply. We believe that offering a version of our GlobeTrekker satellite terminal that is designed specifically for X-Band will serve as a key competitive differentiator for Norsat.”

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