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EMS To Supply Components For Globalstar Communications Payload

By | April 10, 2007

      EMS Technologies Inc. received a contract from Alcatel Alenia Space to supply components for the communications payload of Globalstar’s next generation satellites, EMS announced April 9.
      Under the $5 million contract, EMS will supply RF transmitter power-combining assemblies for the constellation of 48 spacecraft, dubbed Globalstar 2. Alcatel received a contract from Globalstar in December to develop the satellites, with the first launches scheduled for 2009.
      Separately, EMS’ Defense and Space Systems division unveiled an anti-jam antenna for the commercial space sector based on the company’s work in the military market.
      “Anti-jamming technologies have been employed by the military to protect communications channels for some while now,” Michael Fatig, vice president of business development for Defense and Space Systems, said in a statement. “… We estimate that 25 percent of the commercial satellite market will be interested in anti-jam technology.  These tend to be broadband infrastructure satellites offering country-wide data services in developing regions of the world.” 

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