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Hispasat and Infinite Orbits Partner for European Satellite Life Extension Mission

By Abbey Weltman | March 13, 2024

Hispasat and Infinite Orbits set deal for European satellite life extension mission. Photo: Hispasat

European satellite operator Hispasat is collaborating with Infinite Orbits on a life extension mission using Endurance, the Infinite Orbits Geostationary Orbit (GEO) satellite life extension service solution. 

Infinite Orbits will apply the life extension service to Hispasat’s GEO satellites. The companies hope the life extension mission will broaden the European space industry for European satellite service providers. 

Infinite Orbits aims to present the technical solution developed in Toulouse, France, by the end of 2026, or the beginning of 2027. Infinite Orbits plans to demonstrate the service in its active support of Hispasat GEO satellites. This collaboration will demonstrate the beginning phase of European life extension services in GEO. 

According to the agreement, both parties plan to finalize the corresponding satellite life extension service contract in the first half of 2024. They did not specify which Hispasat satellite will be used.

“We are proud to partner with Hispasat for the launch of our second line of GEO orbit services, proposing a real-life commercial mission leveraging our GEO satellite Life Extension solution Endurance to extend the operational and commercial life of an important satellite of the Hispasat fleet. This first mission will help us materialize the substantial pipeline of international commercial prospects that we have constituted over the past months,” said Adel Haddoud, CEO of Infinite Orbits.