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Telesat Selects Aalyria’s Spacetime Software to Orchestrate the Lightspeed Constellation 

By Rachel Jewett | November 14, 2023

      Aalyria Spacetime software. Photo: Aalyria

      Telesat signed a deal with Aalyria to deploy its Spacetime networking software to manage customer traffic for Telesat’s Lightspeed satellite constellation. The deal announced Tuesday is a 10+ year agreement. Financial terms were not disclosed. 

      Telesat will use Aalyria’s Spacetime platform to route customer data through real-time analysis of millions of possible paths. The operator said that Spacetime will provide autonomous evolving antenna link scheduling, dynamic network traffic routing, and spectrum resource management. 

      “Aalyria’s Spacetime orchestration capabilities are a key enabler in achieving the lowest latency, highest availability and resiliency for meeting the committed information rates and service level agreements for our enterprise-class LEO services,” stated Dave Wendling, Telesat CTO. 

      Telesat is ramping up activity on its Lightspeed constellation after switching vendors to work with MDA to build the constellation in August. CEO Dan Goldberg told Via Satellite that MDA’s beam-forming antenna technology allowed for a satellite design that is smaller and more affordable without compromising on capacity, performance, or schedule.

      Aalyria has signed a number of deals for its network orchestration and optical communications technology, including with Intelsat and defense tech firms Anduril Industries and Second Front Systems.