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Aalyria Partners With Anduril on National Security Capabilities

By Rachel Jewett | May 9, 2023

Aalyria Spacetime software. Photo: Aalyria

Google connectivity-focused spinoff Aalyria announced a software partnership on Tuesday with defense tech firm Anduril Industries geared toward national security use cases. The companies will integrate Aalyria’s networking orchestration platform, Spacetime, with Lattice, Anduril’s open operating system for national security capabilities.

Spacetime, which Aalyria demonstrated at SATELLITE 2023, is designed to manage networks of ground stations, aircraft, satellites, ships, and urban meshes by optimizing and continually evolving the antenna link scheduling, network traffic routing, and spectrum resources.

Lattice autonomously analyzes data from thousands of third-party sensors and sources to provide an operating view of the security environment or battle space. 

The companies said this integration will improve all-domain command and control capabilities. For example, Lattice can determine requirements of a proposed action like including end-to-end connectivity, data rates, and latency limits, and Spacetime can then orchestrate the required mesh communications network. 

Aalyria CEO Chris Taylor said this changes command and control forever. 

“Bringing together these two technologies will greatly expand battlefield capabilities, providing self-healing and resilient communications networks that haven’t before been possible. We’re really excited to be partnering with Anduril to continue to develop these next-generation capabilities and help to realize the Hybrid Space Architecture toward a complete all-domain command and control environment,” Taylor said. 

The plan to demonstrate the combined capabilities later this year as part of work on the Defense Innovation Unit’s (DIU) Hybrid Space Architecture (HSA) program.