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Aalyria Partners With Second Front to Bring Spacetime to Government Customers

By Rachel Jewett | October 11, 2023

      Aalyria Spacetime software. Photo: Aalyria

      Aalyria is working with Second Front Systems to bring its Spacetime network orchestration platform to government sectors, the companies announced Tuesday. Spacetime is a software platform used to manage complex networks of satellites, ground stations, aircraft, ships, urban meshes, and more.

      Under the agreement, Spacetime will be integrated into Second Front’s  Game Warden platform, making it accessible at Department of Defense Impact Levels 4 and 5. Aalyria and Second Front will focus on Aalryia’s TRL 9 Spacetime offering, which the company says is validated with more than 2 million hours of lights-out orchestration of aerospace nodes.

      “Working with Second Front enables us to quickly deploy to more secure environments and serve our growing customer base,” said Chris Taylor, CEO of Aalyria. “The demand for our Spacetime solution by an array of mission owners across the defense and intelligence spectrum made partnering with Second Front an easy choice.” 

      Other customers for Spacetime include Intelsat, Anduril Industries, and the Naval Research and Naval Research Laboratory.